Kevin Howell

1540 Maple Avenue, Paoli, PA




Over 12 years’ experience as a SQL Server Database Administrator and Applications Developer.  Concentration on SQL Server performance, security and integrity initiatives. Project leader for database corporate initiatives.  Researches and presents database-specific technologies to both Senior Leadership and Information Technology teams. Responsibilities include the architecture, development and implementation of scalable, enterprise database solutions and applications.



Database Administrator and Applications Developer



United States Liability Insurance Group (USLI)

·      Architected and implemented an isolated database environment lifecycle using Microsoft Team Foundation Server and Red Gate data comparison which allows developers to seamlessly integrate their offline work with the central repository and version control all database schema.

·      Led effort to implement OLAP databases for reporting purposes using Transaction Replication on SQL Server which reduces the resource usage on our production server by over 40%.

·      Developed several MVC websites using various combinations of the following technologies: MVC3, MVC4, Razor, jQuery, knockout, CSS, XML

·      Responsible for the development, implementation and socialization of SharePoint website to manage developer requests for changes to database schema and data across all databases and serves.

·      Project Leader for the security review and transition from domain logins to Active Directory.  Developed application in Visual Basic .NET to manage Active Directory user groups and accounts.

·      Responsible for review, analysis and implementation of database monitoring software.  Led discussions with Senior Leadership to negotiate cost, acquire, and plan implementation of software.  The result of the purchase yielded a significant drop in outages across the database servers.





Talisman Interactive

·      Developed communication layers for client device to transmit information.

·      Utilized Visual Basic 6.0 to implement measurement application with a Macromedia Flash interface.






·      Developed communication and data layers for kiosks to store and transmit information securely.

·      Utilized Visual Basic 6.0 and MySQL to implement banking application.


Applications Developer



DAOU Systems, Inc.

·      Developed 3-tier client-server applications using SQL Server 7.0 and Visual Basic 6.0.

·      Responsible for the development, installation and support of custom applications using DOS batch files and C++.


Computer Systems and CADD Manager



Underground Services, Inc.

·      Responsible for overseeing all CADD related D.O.T. projects for multiple states.

·      Developed Access database applications for tracking personnel and equipment.

·      Developed and maintained corporate HTML website.

·      Responsible for creation of brochures, presentations, and all graphic media.

Technical Competencies



·      Database: Microsoft SQL Server (7.0,2000,2005,2008,2008R2,2012), Oracle 8i, Access, MySQL

·      Database Utilities: Red Gate Toolbelt, SQL Sentry

·      Platforms: Microsoft Windows (3.1,NT,95,98,2000,XP,7,8)


·      Proficient in: Microsoft Visual Basic, HTML, XML

·      Familiar with: C++, C#, Java, jQuery, MVC, Razor,



Penn State University



Great Valley, PA

·      M.S. Information Science


West Chester University



West Chester, PA

·      B.S. Computer Science


Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University



Blacksburg, VA

·      College of Engineering



Microsoft Certifications



·      Microsoft Certified Professional

·      Microsoft Certified Solution Developer

·      Microsoft Certified Database Administrator

·      Microsoft Certified Application Developer


Insurance Certifications



·      Associate in Information Technology

·      Associate in Insurance Services

·      Associate in Customer Service

·      Associate in Personal Insurance